Post Company-wide Announcements

Share the big news with everyone at once! Post a company-wide announcement to ensure it reaches all. Track who's informed by checking who's viewed it so that no one is kept off the loop and effectively minimize room for confusion.

Quickly share important information

Keep tabs on who is out of the loop

Get rid of endless email chains and save time

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Share Ideas And Brainstorm With Everyone

Great minds don’t just think alike—they think together. Encourage a symphony of ideas and watch as they convert into solutions. Post, discuss, and discover on Crewlix, where every idea is a step toward shared success.

Get better solutions by linking different perspectives

Brainstorm and collaborate to inspire innovation

Bring about creativity by introducing fresh viewpoints

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Bring Everyone Into The Conversation

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Get people to share their thoughts and ideas with the team to ensure everyone feels seen and heard. When everyone freely shares thoughts, success follows. Crewlix's people platform is designed to foster this open environment where ideas naturally come to life.

staff engagement platform
Pin Relevant Posts

Pin Relevant Posts

Make sure the important news is seen by all. Pin any post to the top of the feed to ensure everyone gets the word.

Search For Specific Posts

Search For Specific Posts

Looking for something specific but can’t really find it? Search it up fast using keywords you remember from that post.

Engage Or Express

Engage Or Express

Share your views, knowledge, or experiences to add depth to the discussion, or react as a gesture of appreciation.


Stay Informed With Sidebar Cards

Get real-time updates on who's in, late, on break, or has hours left with Crewlix’s useful sidebar cards. Add more cards to celebrate things like work anniversaries and upcoming birthdays to boost team spirit.

Keep track with live attendance updates

Boost morale by celebrating milestones and events

Ensure someone’s availability before reaching out

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Share Celebratory Moments

Honor the milestones of your talented team members, such as work anniversaries and birthdays, with celebratory sidebar cards. Additionally, welcome new hires by introducing them to everyone through a dedicated card that makes them feel special.

Make people feel valued with acknowledgment

Build a sense of belonging among team members

Hold on to talent by making a positive workplace

Share Celebratory Moments

Promote transparency at workplace

Good culture and engagement strategies lead to happier individuals. Achieve increased job satisfaction and profitability with Crewlix.

Promote Transparency At Workplace

Build Team Unity

Crewlix helps you improve team unity by allowing people to post, discuss, and support each other.

Keep Meetings Short

Replace meetings with announcements. Quickly share agendas and track who's in the know.

Get Real-Time Update

Individuals can access vital updates directly from their feed without any needless outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crewlix allows team members to share posts on various topics to engage with others, brainstorm, and share ideas. This collaborative environment encourages innovation and open communication within the company. Everyone can interact with posts, comments, or reactions, fostering a lively and interactive platform for sharing new ideas.

Yes, Crewlix has a feature for posting company-wide announcements. Administrators and anyone posting announcements can track who viewed them, ensuring critical information is passed along effectively throughout the organization. This is ideal for announcing company-wide events, policy changes, or other important news.

Crewlix displays special occasion cards for events like upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries. This feature helps recognize and celebrate personal milestones and achievements within your company, building a culture of appreciation and recognition.

Yes, Crewlix allows customization of the people engagement feature. You can choose which cards (like time logs, anniversaries, arrivals, birthdays, and leaves) to display in the feed, and you can also pin or unpin posts to highlight. This makes it easy to personalize and prioritize the information that matters most.

Yes, definitely! Remote access is available through Crewlix. This means team members can engage, share ideas, and stay updated from anywhere, fostering a connected workforce regardless of where they are.

Yes! Crewlix provides customer support for all features. It includes online resources, such as guides, blogs, FAQs, and direct support through customer service channels like email or live chat. Our team is always available to assist you.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere

Enjoy a seamless real-time experience as Crewlix synchronizes instantly across all devices.

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