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A good team becomes great with the right chemistry and
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It all started when we, as a small and mid-size enterprise (SME) company, faced a challenge.

Every business has a story to tell, and this is ours.

The origin of Crewlix goes back to the beginning of our parent company (Axilweb) when we were up against a challenge – to find a simple HR solution for our versatile team. While it sounded like a simple requirement in theory, in reality finding a HR solution that was the right fit proved challenging.

As a small and mid-size enterprise (SME), we didn’t need tons of complex features, just a few that small teams require. We found some solutions, but they didn’t have the flexibility we desired, and the ones that did, were out of our budget. Every cent mattered in the early days of trying to establish our small business. That’s when we decided – why not try to create something ourselves?


We aspire to keep HR systems human-centred.

Crewlix was born, a product of our drive and passion to find the best solution for our business. But it’s so much more than a product. We do not stop once the payments are made; we are here every step of the way, helping other small, mid-sized businesses like ours reach their potential.

Every member of our team has poured their heart into developing Crewlix, making it a solution for business owners looking for great HR functionality without a hefty price tag. Our goal is simple: make your company perform its best, streamline processes that slow down efficiency and productivity, and meld your entire team together as one.


To nurture a culture that values people the most.

With our unparalleled flexibility and customization in shift, leave, & time management, we made sure that Crewlix users feel trusted, supported, and appreciated in their unique capacities.

Crewlix is the epicenter of a company that builds upon empathy, transparency, trust, and mutual respect. We have built a product that we believe in. With that in mind, we offer you our best yet.

This is the story of Crewlix.

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A team of extraordinary individuals

We are thinkers, makers, believers, and explorers. Our workplace is full of funtivity. Yeah, that’s a made-up word. Sometimes we do crazy things — just like that.


Syed Tahmim Islam

Managing Director & CEO

Md. Shajed E Islam

Director & COO

Amit Chowdhury

Chairman & CTO

Md Jamil Chowdhury

Assistant Vice President (Operation)

Md Mahmudul Haque

VP, Project Management

Md Saifur Rahman Khan

Product Manager

Rahabi Ahmed Khan

Sr. Product Designer

Md Anwar Hossen

Team Lead, Sr. Software Engineer

Md Golam Rakib

Sr. Software Engineer

Ismat Jahan Sonda

Software QA Analyst

Rakibul Hasan

Front-end Developer

Rahmathullah Masum

Front-end Developer

Kanij Fatema Riya

UI/UX Designer

Everything Starts With the Culture

When there’s room for everyone to share their thoughts, participate, and get involved freely with each other, a creative culture evolves.