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Embrace innovation. Join the revolution where people are not just a part of the process—they are the heart of it. Our people-first approach puts your team's needs and potential at the forefront. It creates a nurturing environment that promotes growth, satisfaction, and outstanding performance.

React comment debate Feature


Time & Attendance Management

Crewlix provides a refined experience in timekeeping that integrates seamlessly with your daily operations and keeps your schedule free for strategic tasks. Our precise time and attendance platform automates your processes, liberating hours for new ideas and leadership.

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Time _ Attendance Management

Get Overall Insights with Birdview

Begin your day with a clear picture of your team's time. Crewlix offers a compact yet comprehensive overview of attendance, showcasing who's present, absent, working remotely, or on leave. Within minutes, gain the insights needed to plan effectively and optimize your day.

Individual Time Summary

Discover how your team members work with Individual Summaries. Each click provides a comprehensive view of a member's timing and attendance, including quick flags for late entries, overtime, and more. Use these insights to guide adjustments and elevate your team's overall rhythm.

Easy Clock In & Clock Out

Crewlix provides an intuitive solution for clocking in and out, ensuring accuracy down to the last second. Easy break time calculations and flagging for late entries speed up the process, while comments provide a quick fix for any blunders.

Time Card–Keeping You Informed

Keep your team's dynamics transparent with time cards. Easily flip through and check who's available or on break before making contact. This tool helps you and your team stay informed, adapt quickly, and manage time effectively.

Monthly Time Report-Summarized

Gain the power of quick decision-making with Crewlix's monthly time recap. Our summary ribbon cuts through the clutter, logically presenting essential attendance data. Assess leave patterns, late entries, and more so you can focus on strategies that enhance time management and team efficiency.


Shift Scheduling

Find ease with a unique shift management system that transforms complex scheduling into a simpler task, diminishing your workload. Create custom schedules, manage overnight shifts, and make adjustments on the fly with our advanced scheduling system for your operational needs.

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Flexible Shift Scheduling

Personalize Every Workday

Design shifts that stretch, change, and adapt to your team's needs. From precise day-offs to manual entries, our platform offers the flexibility and control to ensure every schedule is as unique and efficient as your team.

Assign Multiple Shifts

Allocate multiple shifts to single individuals, ensuring efficiency and flexibility. Perfect for dynamic businesses, our system lets you utilize everyone's time effectively, aligning with peak productivity hours and team member preferences.

Span Shifts To Next Day

Bridge day and night with Crewlix's flexible shift scheduling. Extend work hours into the next day for a seamless transition, ensuring your 24/7 operations run without a hitch. Accurate, effortless, and perfectly suited for round-the-clock businesses.

See All Shifts In One Go

Gain insights with a centralized view of all shifts. You can manage your team's schedule, assign new shifts, or update plans at one glance. Ensure seamless operations and meet business demands with just a few clicks, keeping everyone on track effortlessly.


Leave Management

Crewlix redefines leave management with an automated system designed for your convenience. From tracking time-off to seamless approvals, we've got it all covered. By choosing us, you gain a partner who understands your need for flexible, reliable leave solutions. Start for free and leave the old ways of managing leaves behind.

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Leave Management

Create Dynamic Leaves For Different Needs

Create tailored leave policies and empower your team with a dynamic leave calculator. It’s an accrual leave calculator to grant days off after working however many calendar days set by you. It's not just about time off; it's about enhancing morale and reinforcing a positive culture.

Create Customized Leave Packages

Crewlix enables you to develop and distribute diverse leave packages quickly and effectively. Assign them to individuals or entire teams, ensuring steady performance and a culture that values flexibility and uniqueness.

Define How Leave Applications Get Approved

Eliminate uncertainty in leave management. With Crewlix, you define the approval process and opt for a single-person approval or a group decision–as you see fit. Maintain smooth team operations by keeping everyone informed.

One Tap Leave Application

Crewlix makes leave applications stress-free. Everyone can apply online. If they change their mind, there is a simple withdrawal option. Additionally, they can attach documents directly to the application.

Review Leave Applications Within Seconds

With Crewlix, leave application review is easy. Receive immediate notifications, review quickly, and respond in seconds. Our streamlined system keeps you and your team ahead, ensuring every leave decision is quick, fair, and easy to make.

Let your team work from anywhere and improve productivity with Crewlix!

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People Engagement

Build a culture of collaboration with Crewlix. Inspire and appreciate everyone's efforts, creating an environment where everyone feels valued, connected, and driven. Explore our intuitive platform to ignite conversations, share successes, and build a supportive community. It's easy, effective, and designed to make every team member feel included and inspired.

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People Engagement

Make Announcements That Reach Every Corner

Transform how you communicate with a system designed to reach everyone, every time. Post your company-wide announcement and track who's viewed it for complete transparency. Keep everyone on the same page, reducing confusion and fostering a cohesive environment.

Share Ideas And Brainstorm With Everyone

Elevate your team's creative process with Crewlix. Boost the sharing of many bright ideas, and watch as different thoughts blend to create new innovations. It's more than brainstorming; it's constructing the future, one idea at a time.

Stay Informed With Sidebar Cards

Take advantage of Crewlix's sidebar cards to navigate your team's dynamics effortlessly. Find out who's late, on break, or wrapping up at a glance. Highlight special occasions like work anniversaries and birthdays, instilling a sense of belonging and appreciation among your team members.

Celebrate Milestones & Special Occasions

Bring your team closer with celebratory sidebar cards. Take the time to recognize every work anniversary, birthday, and new arrival to improve bonding. These simple acts of recognition build a strong, supportive environment that retains talent and boosts overall morale.

Pin, Search, Engage

Keep crucial content front and center. Pin relevant posts to ensure vital information stays visible. When seeking specific insights, our quick search lets you easily find past posts. Don't just read; react or comment to foster a dynamic, interactive team environment.


Profile Management

Compile each individual's information into a distinct, elegant profile where everything is neatly organized. Crewlix's refined approach prioritizes user experience, offering a clean and simplified approach to profile management.

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Profile Management

Organize Information Neatly In Each Profile

Crewlix puts all the information you need in one place, from employment basics to bank and leave details. With structured tabs and easy editing, you can quickly find, update, and keep track of individual records.

Easily Assign Roles And Permissions

Assign roles quickly, each carrying the right access for the job. It's the smart way to manage your team's capabilities, ensuring efficient and precise control over who can do what.

Make Profile Private Or Disable To Limit Access

Any profile can be turned into 'private' so that records remain intact but unauthorized users won't be able to access them. If a profile's security is ever in doubt, disable it instantly to prevent a breach. With Crewlix, you're always in control of your team's privacy.

Create Groups For Faster Assignment

Group your staff, then assign leaves and shifts collectively, minimizing delays and maximizing fairness. It's the smart, quick way to manage schedules and keep your team synchronized and satisfied.


Smooth People Onboarding

Crewlix turns first days into great days. With our simple onboarding, newbies feel at home fast, and paperwork is a thing of the past. Our easy-to-use onboarding software provides a clear, paperless, and helpful orientation, ensuring a smooth transition and a positive first impression.

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Smooth Employee Onboarding

Instantly Create Profiles

Get new members up and running fast with Crewlix's quick profile setup. Creating a new profile and sending out all the needed materials takes less than a minute. Speed up the process, reduce paperwork, and help new hires become productive right away.

Bulk Profile Import In A Few Seconds

Turn the slow and steady into fast and ready with Crewlix. Click once, and watch as profiles fill up faster than you can say 'onboard.' Say hello to smooth starts and goodbye to tedious tasks. It's a quick, cheerful way to welcome your team.

Help People Learn the Ways of Your Company

Automatically deliver essential starter packs, including handbooks and policy guidelines, as soon as new profiles are created. This ensures new team members understand company values and standards, eliminating uncertainty and fostering a positive culture from day one.

Protect Your Team's Privacy With Crewlix

Safeguard your team's privacy with password-protected profiles, and personalize with unique photos. Ensure a safe, individualized experience for everyone, reducing risk and enhancing the people experience.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere

Enjoy a seamless real-time experience as Crewlix synchronizes instantly across all devices.

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