Bespoke Shift Scheduling To Fit Your Every Need

employee scheduling software

You can create shifts as unique as each of your team members with our advanced shift management system. From stretching shifts to multiple days to making shifts that change every day of the week, you can cater to every scenario that your team throws, enabling you to create schedules that work perfectly for everyone every time!

employee scheduling software
Customizable staff scheduling

Easily Customizable

Every day of the week can look different for your team, and Crewlix lets you personalize your shifts according to your needs.

Day Off Option

Precise Day Off

Determine work days and hours clearly to remove uncertainty around day offs. It will allow your team to enjoy time off without any headaches.

Assign Shifts Easily

Manual Shift Entry

Just as you can assign shifts in bulk, you can also create shifts for a single person on a particular day, leaving room for creating unplanned shifts.


Assign Multiple Shifts

Revolutionize your shift management with the capability to assign multiple shifts to a single individual. Ideal for dynamic workplaces, it simplifies scheduling, meets personal needs, and maintains efficiency all at once!

Utilize everyone’s time to the fullest

Assign shifts around peak hours

Provide flexibility to team members

Multiple Shift Options


Span Shifts To Next Day

Maintain consistent operational flow without stressing about day or night. Allow shifts to extend over to the next day, ensuring accurate tracking and scheduling. Best for those who work round the clock!

Accurate planning and tracking for overnight shifts

Seamless transition across midnight hours

Streamline scheduling for 24/7 business

employee schedule management software


See All Shifts In One Go

You have a centralized view that shows all shifts of everyone! So you can take actions like allocating new shifts or clearing outdated ones, ensuring your team always meets business demands.

Get a full overview of entire team’s schedule

Assign new shifts with a few clicks effortlessly

Quickly update or clear shifts as plans change

Global Assignment View

Frequently Asked Questions

With Crewlix, you can assign multiple shifts in a day by accessing the scheduling feature on our platform. From there, you can add multiple shifts, adjust times, and even assign different shifts to different roles or departments as needed. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage and visualize multiple assignments.

Yes, with Crewlix's flexible shift scheduling, you can easily extend a single shift over multiple days. This is particularly useful for projects or tasks that require continuous coverage.

Absolutely. Crewlix allows for quick and easy shift reassignments. You just have to prepare a shift template once and assign it to an individual, an entire department or to people holding similar designations at one go.

Definitely. Crewlix is designed to offer maximum customization. You can tailor shifts to meet specific operational requirements or employee preferences. Whether it's adjusting the start and end times, splitting shifts, or creating unique shift patterns, Crewlix provides the flexibility you need to create a schedule that fits perfectly with your organizational needs.

Crewlix offers comprehensive support to help you set up and manage your shift scheduling system. This includes online resources like user guides and FAQs, as well as access to our customer support team for personalized assistance. Whether you're just getting started or looking to optimize your existing setup, we're here to ensure you make the most of Crewlix's capabilities.

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