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When there’s room for everyone to share their thoughts, participate, and get involved freely with each other, a creative culture develops. Crewlix’s people platform is designed to create a healthy environment where ideas happen. 


Make announcements

Communicate faster without emails and see who’s seen your announcements.


Brainstorm with everyone

Imagine how many creative solutions you could get when you bring the entire team together!


Days to celebrate

Expertly display special dates, including birthdays and work anniversaries.

Time management

  • View time log

    Shows everyone’s Clock In time so the power of positive competition helps eliminate tardiness from work.

  • Monitor attendance

    Team members view neatly categorized personal summaries while admins get more comprehensive ones.

  • Complete admin access

    Admins can add/edit attendance data manually and comment on attendance, allowing room for exceptions.

Leave management

  • Create customized leaves

    Factor in every possible variable and customize leave policies & types that are suited for your company.

  • Make prompt decisions

    With access to everyone’s leave history, you can review, edit, or approve applications anytime, anywhere!

  • Take time-off easily

    You can now leave your leave hassles behind! It’s time to enjoy a revolutionary new application system.

Shift scheduling

  • Highly customizable shifts

    Create multiple shifts for a single day, even shifts that span multiple days to operate round the clock

  • Assign shifts

    You can assign shifts to one individual or a bulk by selecting their department, designation, or groups.

  • Plan with precision

    Create once and use forever! You can plan out shifts for upcoming weeks, months, even years.


People management

  • Smooth onboarding

    Instantly create people's profiles or leave them for later. With bulk importing, transitioning from legacy software is easy-peasy.

  • Easy access level

    Limit access with seamless permissions control. Define different features for different roles.

  • Documents organization

    Get rid of chaos and piles of files and go green. All documents are organized neatly in each user's profile.

“Our HR team consists of just one executive and Crewlix. It takes care of our entire HR operations and everyone loves it for its simplicity.”
Kevin Hudson, Chief Operations Officer

Organized calendar

  • Google calendar integrations

    You can log holiday entries manually. Or, you can simply use Google calendar to import holidays automatically.

  • Holidays & events calendar

    The calendar smartly displays information like holidays, birthdays, and other upcoming events.

  • Plan work around holidays

    Synchronize your calendar with special dates alongside shifts & other data to plan workday with precision

Highly secured

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Our dedicated cyber security team works round the clock to ensure your sensitive data never gets leaked.

  • State-of-the-art tech

    Our underlying technology provides protection against XSS, CSRF, DDoS, and many other vulnerabilities.

  • Data encryption

    We have the latest encryption in place to safeguard your company's data or sensitive information.


Features that are built with care

Every feature has been implemented after extensive research. There are no unnecessary options to complicate the system.


Time management


Shift scheduling


Leave management


People management


People engagement


People onboarding


Office calendar


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